The Ben Dobson page

There are a number of people called Ben Dobson in the world.  I’m not stupid enough to think I’m the only Ben Dobson, or even a famous one (of which there are a couple).

I am however the one who has the email address of my name @

This results in some interesting emails arriving in my account,  which aren’t for me.  I’ve had birthday wishes,  flight details, job offers, university placement offers for American universities,  stag do invites etc.

My personal favourite must be the Ben Dobson out there who signed up to a swingers website – hopefully with the knowledge and approval of his wife.

I mostly delete these, and feel briefly guilty about it, occasionally I reply to correct the sender on their, or the alternative Ben Dobson’s error.   For the job offers and university placement ones, I hope that it’s the sender who has made an error, rather than it being the Ben Dobson who doesn’t even know what his own email address is…

Anyway, why does this page exist?  I dunno, I thought it might be funny but now I’m struggling to see how.  Maybe I’ll just show up for Rhodri’s stag do this year and explain that I was obviously invited, because I got the email and ALL THE REPLIES (thanks, reply all button).