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Recently, we bought Bruce his first bike. He was so excited to go to the bike shop and pick out the one he wanted, and we couldn’t wait to get him on it and see him speeding around.

So we get home and put on his helmet and on he gets. However ours, and his joy are short lived. After around three metres of riding Bruce has a massive tantrum because “I can’t go fast Daddy!”.

Kids are great! Fortunately he’s getting over this as time goes by.

In other news, first world problems have struck in our household. You see, we were given, free of charge, a rather nice 60 inch Panasonic LED TV. It’s a couple of years old but it’s frankly a pretty great piece of kit.

The problem – it’s too big. I mean, it’s really quite obnoxiously big. But then, can a TV ever really be too big? Well according to my wife, yes it can, and that one is.

The discussions start and eventually we agree we can keep it – as long as I build a load of custom storage into our alcoves in the front room. Enter stage left SketchUp, and I’ve done the design.


The problem with SketchUp, is that the finished product is likely to never look as good as the design. Oh well, we will see!

And finally, some random pictures from a trip to Bristol.