kids say the funniest things

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We’ve got a bedtime routine which we tend to stick to fairly strictly – it gets them both off to sleep without any fuss which is frankly an essential survival tool for us given the repeated early starts they subject us to.

Last night I’m playing out the usual exchanges with Bruce, and he throws me off with some new responses.

ME: Sweet dreams Brucie, I love you!
BRUCE: I don’t love you. I love mummy. Mummy is my best friend.

Ouch. OK this is new. But let’s power through it.

ME: That’s OK, I still love you anyway.
BRUCE: No you don’t.

Well, we are most certainly off the rails here. I’ll bow out gracefully as I’m really left with nothing at this point.

ME:OK, well goodnight anyway!

So leave the room and close the door. It’s just a blip I’m sure.

BRUCE (shouting): DADDY, DADDY, Come back!

Ah great, this is it, he’s going to bring things back on track. I open the door and look at him…

BRUCE: I don’t love you.

Kids. Aren’t they great? Every day is a delight, and that coming at the end of a day that started at 03:45 due to Ray being unwell and waking up all night is no exception.

Anyway, recently they made some bowls and I wrote about it here so big news!! The bowls came back.

Hand painted pottery bowls
Pottery bowls painted by Bruce and Ray

And since Ray has not yet reached the point where he can tell me he doesn’t love me, here’s a picture of him. He’s about to throw a remote control at my head. Isn’t he cute?!