painting pots and climbing towers

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I’m not a huge fan of travel by rail – but kids love it so we all bundle on a train to head off to Bristol for a day trip.

After gobbling down a tasty lunch (fish finger sandwhich for £10, ouch) we head to one of those places where you can pay money to decorate some pottery item. They glaze and fire it and you collect it later. You sit at a table and there are paints and brushes and all the paraphenalia of the artist.

Pottery paints

You have to write your name on the bowl so that you can identify it when you go back to collect some time later.


So there’s painting – surely the kids will enjoy this?

Well, they did, for all of about 5 minutes. Then they got bored but not before Bruce had added enough different coloured paints to his bowl that it was basically a uniform brown colour.

Ray on the other hand was a little more measured in his painting

painting a bowl
Pottery Painting by Ray

So what do two bowls and an hour of painting cost? £26. No price on making memories except OH YES, THERE IS A PRICE, IT’S £26. FOR TWO BOWLS.

Next up a wander into Brandon Hill park and Bruce manages to throw himself in stinging nettles. Let’s distract him with a trip up Cabot Tower, what a good idea!

WRONG!!! What a terrible idea. Negotiating an increasingly narrow set of spiral stairs with a three year old. On the way up just about manageable, on the way down an out and out nightmare.

Once at the top, no chance of getting a photo, just try to stop the child flinging himself off – what fun!

Cabot Tower
Cabot Tower