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Holga 120 Kodak film

As I mentioned previously, I had some films processed. Some of them came out of my holga 120 camera and I just wasted an hour of my life scanning and cropping them.

Now I’m wasting more time posting them here. They are dull and uninspiring and I don’t like them, but I do like to share, because I am nice like that.

holga_kodak_slide038 holga030

holga031 holga_kodak_slide039

What I’ve learnt from this – film doesn’t benefit from being sat in a drawer for 5 years.

Also, film is insanely expensive now. Once upon a time you could pick up 10 rolls of expired 120 slide film for about a tenner. Now, people are asking forty or fifty pounds for the same thing. No thanks – so I guess that’s the death of my Holga as well as my pinhole camera.

Oh well!