training day

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Portobello Road Gin sign

Off we go to London on a train. We being myself and my colleague from work – but anyway, training day, see, because a train, and a day! Noel Coward-esque is how I believe I will be described in future. Probably after I’m dead but whatever because I’ll be dead then.

So we make our merry way to some industry event about clouds and unified comms and all is well and we realise our goals well ahead of the expected time then find ourselves in London on a stunning spring day with some time to kill.

Off to Honest Burger where burgers are eaten, with chips, good times! Next up we buy bottles of gin for our signifcant others because they like gin and we are nice people.

portobello gin sign

Next up, negoatiating the tube during rush hour which is always fun. Our platform is full of sweaty smelly bodies, but across the way looks more peaceful.

baker street tube station

Time passes and it’s onto the train home, which is where the fun starts. I’m slightly late so I board the train a couple of carriages ahead of where my seat is, and work my way toward my seat. The train is packed, there are people in the doorways, sitting on the floor and in aisles and every other conceivable piece of real estate, so I think to myself how lucky I am that I have a reserved seat. HAHA!

I get to my reserved seat, there is a bag in it. No bother. I mention to the gentleman, that his bag is in my seat.

His response – “there isn’t a reserved ticket there”

Oh dear. Whether it is reserved or not is irrelevant, the train is full and your bag is in a seat. This is bad.

Worry not, I have the moral high ground, it’s my seat. So I say, “There may not be a reserved ticket, but regardless that is my seat.”

The reply: “There isn’t a reserved ticket here”

I confess, at this point I lost my cool. So I say “Oh well, if there is no reserved ticket then your bag gets its own seat whilst all these other peoople on the train sit on the floor and in doorways”.

The reply: “They must have messed up the reservations”

At this point I’ve basically lost my cool. The train is way past full but this guy thinks the absence of a reserved ticket means that he can put his bag on a seat in the place of a person – but
honestly I’m not campaigning for other people, his bag is in my seat and I want to sit down.

Anyway, further words were exchanged and he sheepishly moved his bag, then I had to sit next to him for an hour which was super awesome. But the view was nice, so there’s that at least.

train sunset