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Assorted condiments

The only thing I lost from my website during the delete snafu last month was one post I made about my new Brinkmann Gourmet Smoker.

It’s basically a big thing that smokes meat or fish, then you eat the meat or fish, then you are happy, or sad – depending on whether it was nice.

So far I’ve smoked a couple of beef briskets which were pretty awesome but this time I wanted to be different, so I bought a bone in ribeye roast.


It was quite a lot more expensive than brisket, so the pressure was on to get it right as we had dinner guests.

The night before, it’s time to make the rub.



Smoked Paprika
Black Pepper
Onion Powder

In spite of the photo suggesting otherwise, I didn’t use the worcestershire sauce because I wanted the rub to be dry. I also didn’t measure anything favouring the lob everything in random amounts into a pestle and then mash it all up together.

Then: Rub-a-dub-dub!


Next morning, fire the smoker up at about 10:00am and wait for it to get up to temperature. Once it is, whack the beef in, and thrown some hickory chips on the coals for some smokey goodness

Wait 7 hours, adding charcoal if needed and some further hickory every now and then.

Extract from smoker…


It fell apart, so we put it in a dish and ate it.


My advice, you need a smoker in your life.