watcha matta?

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orient sk worldtime

I don’t wear a watch – who needs a watch?  Your phone tells the time,  and it’s in your pocket.  Also my wrists are a little on the slim (oh alright, skinny) side and so watches look dumb on me.

I’ve never worn a watch and never wanted to.   Obviously this means that a while ago (my version of a while is somewhere between one week and five years) I got a watch.

A vintange Orient SK Worldtime mechanical watch.


I got it because it was “new old stock” which means that it’s quite old, circa 1970 but was found and was therefor brand new.  So a brand new, 45 year old watch,  what could go wrong?  First up,  what went wrong is the metal strap pulled all the hairs out of my arm, which hurts, so I replaced with a fabric strap.  Oh, and it’s mechanical, which means you take it off and a bit of time later it stops,  so next time you put it on, it is wrong

Other than that, I like it I guess.

God this is boring,  why did I start writing this?!