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Travel Tip: If you are ever in, around or near the Lake District, then you must visit The Church House Inn because the food is amazing, the beer is fabulous, and the pub is bloody amazing. If you go to the pub quiz on a Sunday night expect to get your arse handed to you by the locals. We didn’t come last though, third out of five teams isn’t too bad….

A trip to the lakes is an opportunity to play with all my cameras, which usually results in any walk or trip out taking about 15 times longer than it should!

First up the pinhole pictures. I’m increasingly of the opinion that it’s not worth bothering with this thing any more. It takes ages to set up, it’s impossible to get the horizon straight, the negatives are a nightmare to work with, and the results just aren’t interesting enough to warrant all the effort.

Add to that the fact that the camera is falling apart (who could have guessed a cardboard camera would not be durable?) and the writing is on the wall…

Panoramic Pinhole

Panoramic Pinhole


I did use some other cameras too so I guess I’ll share some of those pics at some point…