brrrrrrr freezing

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Remember when the met office said 2007 was going to be the hottest year on record – and then it was cooler than the previous year?

Remember when the met office said we would have a “barbeque summer” in 2009 – and July was the wettest since records began?

Remember when the met office said (as recently as December 20th) that this winter was going to be a mild one?


Yeah. Go met office. Nice to see our tax pounds being spent wisely. Now get this, John Hirst, chief goon at the met office has received performance related bonuses the last two years.

Ooh get me being all political and that. Anyway I wish they’d hurry up and bring on all this global warming we’re supposed to be having, it’s freezing here and my toes hurt.

Merry New Year and all that jazz. x