Assorted condiments


The only thing I lost from my website during the delete snafu last month was one post I made about my new Brinkmann Gourmet Smoker.

It’s basically a big thing that smokes meat or fish, then you eat the meat or fish, then you are happy, or sad – depending on whether it was nice.

So far I’ve smoked a couple of beef briskets which were pretty awesome but this time I wanted to be different, so I bought a bone in ribeye roast.


It was quite a lot more expensive than brisket, so the pressure was on to get it right as we had dinner guests.

The night before, it’s time to make the rub.



Smoked Paprika
Black Pepper
Onion Powder

In spite of the photo suggesting otherwise, I didn’t use the worcestershire sauce because I wanted the rub to be dry. I also didn’t measure anything favouring the lob everything in random amounts into a pestle and then mash it all up together.

Then: Rub-a-dub-dub!


Next morning, fire the smoker up at about 10:00am and wait for it to get up to temperature. Once it is, whack the beef in, and thrown some hickory chips on the coals for some smokey goodness

Wait 7 hours, adding charcoal if needed and some further hickory every now and then.

Extract from smoker…


It fell apart, so we put it in a dish and ate it.


My advice, you need a smoker in your life.

The end
Grabbing an easter egg

easter egg

I mentioned a few posts back that I had almost no pictures of child 2.0 on here (Ray), so here is me trying to fix that.

It was easter, so Nana set up an Easter egg hunt in the garden. The other three grandchildren (Bruce, Nancy and Frank) all went wild running around finding eggs, bunnies and other goodies.

Ray sat on the floor trying to eat stones. He wasn’t bothered, he makes his own rules and follows his own path (that’s what I’m telling myself).


Anyway with a bit of coaching we finally got him picking up eggs instead of stones, and all was well. However now there is around 2KG of chocolate in my fridge, so that’s a thing…


The end
orient sk worldtime

watcha matta?

I don’t wear a watch – who needs a watch?  Your phone tells the time,  and it’s in your pocket.  Also my wrists are a little on the slim (oh alright, skinny) side and so watches look dumb on me.

I’ve never worn a watch and never wanted to.   Obviously this means that a while ago (my version of a while is somewhere between one week and five years) I got a watch.

A vintange Orient SK Worldtime mechanical watch.


I got it because it was “new old stock” which means that it’s quite old, circa 1970 but was found and was therefor brand new.  So a brand new, 45 year old watch,  what could go wrong?  First up,  what went wrong is the metal strap pulled all the hairs out of my arm, which hurts, so I replaced with a fabric strap.  Oh, and it’s mechanical, which means you take it off and a bit of time later it stops,  so next time you put it on, it is wrong

Other than that, I like it I guess.

God this is boring,  why did I start writing this?!


The end

at westonbirt arboretum

As I’ve been restoring my website over the past few days I note with some surprise that there is only one mention of my second child – Ray.

You might think I am posting now to correct that – wrong!  haha, you fool.

Mainly because,  every photo from this day was Ray in a pushchair as we pushed him around.

Anyway,  I guess I can fix that issue fairly easily, by posting a picture sometime soon when I get around to it.

Here’s some photos of Bruce at westonbirt arboretum,  anyway,  cos I took them so I’m putting them here.





The end


I forgot to renew my website hosting package.   My website got deleted.

I thought I had lost everything – 11 years of blog posts and photos and other crap.

I had a backup – but dated Jan 2013.   So I had lost quite a lot of stuff, including every post about my kids.
So,  I restored what I have,  which is what you see here.  I will sort this mess out shortly.     Yay.

Anyway, here is a picture of Bruce at Westonbirt Arboretum.   Hope you like it.

UPDATE!!  Using the awesome Wayback Machine I was able to rescue all my posts from between my backup of my website and the last update I did – YAY!!

The end