new phone toilet interface

Last week I discovered that the Nokia Lumia 1020, whilst having the most bestest camera of any phone, is not resistant to being dropped into a toilet bowl.

So time for a new phone – and it seems the Lumia 1020 is discontinued and none of the current crop of cameras in phones are nearly as good.

I can’t get on with Android and I’m done with Apple, so I phone up Vodafone and order a new Lumia 930.

The bloke on the phone advises that a black one is not available, but they have an orange one. “Don’t worry”, he says “It’s not really orange, more a bronze colour.”

Oh yeah?


On the plus side it’s nicely made and I’m familiar with the Windows phone UI so I can live with it.

In other news I have somehow lost the battery charger for my D800 so I’ve had to buy a new one – hence the potato quality photos courtesy of an old iPhone4…

The end

new wheels

After 8 years of pleasure I finally had to admit that getting 16 mpg was not a great idea, and that maybe I had to go to the dark side and (shudder) get a diesel.

In addition, with two children maybe I needed an estate… So a diesel estate. Ouch.

After much searching and consideration, there was only one option, and only one engine that would deliver on the mix of praticality, looks and performance that I wanted.

So I got this.


For those who care it’s an Alfa Romeo 159 Sportwagon with a 2.4 5 cylinder diesel engine. I wanted a “Ti” model rather than a “Lusso” but they just aren’t available at all in the spec I wanted so this one was the right compromise.

Had it five days so far, and it’s pretty damn great. It benefits from xenon headlights, whizzy touch screen bluetooth goodness, plus cruise control, plus it’s comfy, has the same BHP and torque as my V8, gets 40 mpg, looks amazing, and finally the climate control actually works unlike my previous three cars!

So basically I like it a lot.

The end