asda autumn catalogue

This week Bruce is modelling clothing from the Asda autumn range for naughty little boys who won’t stand still and let their daddy take a photo of them.

Bruce loves looking at photos of himself – we’re hoping this narcissistic tendency which he most definitely didn’t get from his dad (not at all, honest) will go away some day soon but until then, if a camera is out, Bruce wants to look at the photos, as long as they are of him. The problem with this is he wants to look before you’ve taken one, and won’t let you take one, then he gets annoyed, then we have tears. So it’s a real laugh all round!




So far the new camera is working out nicely but it appears that the sheer enormous size of the images is making my computer huff and puff a bit… Oh dear…

The end

onwards and upwards

It’s been many years since I got my hands on Nikon’s D200, and in that time it has served me well. Recently though I’ve found myself reaching for my phone as the low light performance of my Nokia 1020 left the D200 miles behind.

Problem is a phone is a phone with a camera attached, and I want a proper camera.

So the only thing to do was flog a bunch of my camera gear I don’t use and then spend that money on something…

The end