First roll of film through my new pin hole camera was a roll of Fuji Superia 400. This seems fine except all the guidance on the camera relates to 100ISO film so I had to try to calculate exposure times in my head. My tiny brain probably isn’t too good so any success is more luck than judgement.

Got the roll of film back this morning, and a quick glance suggests it’s just possible that I might have been advancing the film a tiny bit too much in between frames….

Anyway, moving on. Took the scanner in to work and connected it up to an old compatible system then got scanning…. The roll of film developed by Asda for £2 came back more tightly curled than a curly thing. This resulted in some effort required to get the film to lie flat on the canner. Welcome to the hi-tech world of pinhole photography.

The results are in – and are mixed. Now remember these were done at 07:30 on a Sunday morning. First up – Possibly I was still drunk from last night…. Or perhaps just possibly the tripod wasn’t straight.

P-Sharan results

Lens flare on a camera with no lens.
Pin Hole camera

There is a pier there somewhere – honest.
Pin Hole

A field. Least exciting photograph ever.
Pin Hole scene

Some lessons – don’t shoot into the sun. Guessing exposure is fine but don’t over-expose, under is easier to rescue. Put the camera together better – otherwise you get this weird looking scraggly thing in all your photos:

Pin Hole scraggly

More to follow since I’ve got 12 rolls of film to churn through!