Wilf the Dog has a mental attitude which fluctuates between wild fear and wild fearlessness. As a result he’s always an interesting companion. I decided to try to capture some of his moments, and his thoughts. My grand plan is to make this into a series but in reality I’ll probably forget all about it within moments.

Wilf and the chair
“Is that chair looking at me? I think it is? That chair better not be looking at me. I’ll bite that chair, then it will learn not to look at me.”

Wilf and the pigeon
Is that pigeon looking at me? I think it is. It better not be, or I’ll bloody eat it. Yummy pigeon. Come here pigeon….”

Wilf and Goran Ivanisevic
“Is Goran Ivanisevic looking at me? He better not be. I’ll eat his tennis bat if he’s looking at me. Yummy tennis bat.”

As you can see Wilf knows his own mind.