this is good right?

I mean, how could this be bad. Text, drop, crunch. Steel yourself. Lift from concrete. Sigh.
BIG SIGH. oh well…. I love giving Steve Jobs money because he needs it to buy jumpers and socks and things.

The end


So there has to be some benefit that one can derive from working away from home, right? In this instance the benefit is finding out that about one mile from my hotel is Heston Blumenthal’s pub! Mmmmmm gastropub foody goodness….

The Hind's Head

Which basically means lots of yummy stuff like a scotch egg made with a quail’s egg, mmmmmmmmmmm egg.

Scotch Egg

mmmmmmmmmmmm egg. excuse crappy phone pictures I didn’t want to look like a food tourist taking pictures of my food in front of all the posh folks.

The end