dart. mouth.

We didn’t get tickets for Glastonbury this year, so to soothe the trauma of our loss we instead treated ourselves to a few days away in the lovely town of Dartmouth.

Highlights include the boat trip to Totnes, a meal at the Michelin star restaurant “The New Angel” (all 11 insanely delicious courses of it), and a lot of beer (for me) and wine (for Abby) in a lot of lovely pubs.

Go there, it’s fab. That there white house in the picture is where Agatha Christie lived! I know!

On the River DartOn the River Dart

On the river Dart

The end

hol-god not again

So I took a load of photos with my Holga when I was in New York a couple of months ago.

Then I did my usual thing of waiting ages between taking the pics and getting them processed. Bored of waiting I went into the local snappy snaps style place and asked if they could process 120 film, and was assured they could.

Quite why, in that case, all the photos came out with strange lines and artefacts on them I have no idea – but I probably won’t use that particular place again…

Holga New York

The end