dubai on the fly

I’m now back from my work trip to Dubai, and I’m going to share my wisdom and experience with you, my faithful readers, whether you like it or not.

Basically I arrived, worked, then flew back, so you can imagine I had a wide and varied experience which involved seeing almost entirely the inside of hotels and absolutely nothing else.

From my previous post you’ll have seen that I might have had a moment or two to spend in a jacuzzi overlooking Dubai creek, which I suppose was alright, if you like that kind of thing. Which I do!

Since all I saw was the hotel, I’ll tell you about the room. It was a five star hotel so the room was nicely appointed and the bed was comfortable beyond belief! One odd thing though – the bathroom and bedroom were separated by a glass window.

Crown Plaza hotel, Dubai

Now I don’t know about you but I don’t want my wife to watch me having a poo – and I most certainly don’t want to watch her – I’m sure that’s a thing some people enjoy but as Alan Partridge would say, “They’re sex people Lynne!”

Moving on, when at the hotel I mostly saw it during the hours of darkness as I was working during the day. It looked better at night including the view in the distance of the ludicrous Burj Dubai, by a long way the tallest building in the world. Visible below, it’s the lit up tower to the left of the image in the distance

Burj Dubai, Dubai creek

Finally because I apparently go away on work and always take a photo of a big wheel, here is a photo of a big wheel.

Big wheel, Dubai Festival City

Any questions on Dubai? Ask me, obviously I’m an expert.

The end

up the creek

So I find myself in Dubai working for a few days, which sounds good but isn’t since I’ve had next to no time to myself to do anything.

Having said that, there are a few benefits…

Dubai Creek

All I need to do now is pray that the ash cloud doesn’t stop me from flying home!

More on Dubai when I’m home.

The end