I can’t remember, did I mention I went to New York? Well in any case I did go to New York, in your face! HA!

I took a few photos when I was there, not least a couple of enourmous panoramic ones which I’ll share at a later date. Until then, please do enjoy these, and if you don’t enjoy them, then you are a stinker, plain and simple.

This here below is the 3 train, I know this because I am some sort of expert on all things New York because I don’t know if you know this but I’ve been there you see.

The 3 train, NYC Subway

This is something called a “Yellow Taxi”, there are a lot of these in New York which you would know if you had been – I’ve been, this is how I know these things.

NYC taxi

This is a “School Bus” which if you went to America like what I did, you might see, because in America school buses are yellow.

School Bus

More valuable, exciting and interesting lessons in the American and New York city way of life coming soon. I bet you can’t wait.