I can’t remember, did I mention I went to New York? Well in any case I did go to New York, in your face! HA!

I took a few photos when I was there, not least a couple of enourmous panoramic ones which I’ll share at a later date. Until then, please do enjoy these, and if you don’t enjoy them, then you are a stinker, plain and simple.

This here below is the 3 train, I know this because I am some sort of expert on all things New York because I don’t know if you know this but I’ve been there you see.

The 3 train, NYC Subway

This is something called a “Yellow Taxi”, there are a lot of these in New York which you would know if you had been – I’ve been, this is how I know these things.

NYC taxi

This is a “School Bus” which if you went to America like what I did, you might see, because in America school buses are yellow.

School Bus

More valuable, exciting and interesting lessons in the American and New York city way of life coming soon. I bet you can’t wait.

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The end

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Firstly an apology – I haven’t posted here for ages but I’ve been a very busy boy moving house and decorating and all that jazz. Also I’ve been to New York!! WOOO!!!

My sister got married in central park, it was flipping amazing, you honestly couldn’t imagine a nicer location for a wedding. I’m sure it helped that the weather was nice. The previous day was the hottest day on record for this time of year!

Laura and Phil in Central Park

My wife and I had already been to New York once before so we took the opportunity to relive some things and experience some new things – it was very relaxed with the only problem being I ate far too much red meat and drank far too much Brooklyn Lager (yum).

View from the Empire State Building

At least we beat the volcano and got home safely! More New York posts will follow over the next few days…

The end