A while ago I bought these things so that I could use the films inside the camera to make photographs. How clever I thought I was, buying cheap chinese film to experiment with to save money not using expensive stuff like Ilford film.

F80 and Films

Christmas day rolled along and I thought I’d document it using film like some sort of artistic genius – a couple of weeks later I pop to the local film processing place and ask them to develop it. “What type of film is that” asks the man. Um….. “It must be C-41” says I thinking at the same time “how could I possibly be wrong?”

Wrong I was – the processed film looks like this:

Lucky Film, gone wrong

Believe it or not, although it looks blank there is actually something on these negatives. Trouble is you can’t pick it up with a scanner without it looking like a real mess – witness:

Lucky Film, gone wrong

These look like something taken in 1820 with the first ever camera – and are rubbish. So now I’m left with 9 more rolls of this stuff and no bleeding idea what to do with it. Suddenly I find myself contemplating buying a home development kit and setting up a dark room…