the beer post

Most people who know me will know I’m partial to a beer or two. I’ve been through several phases of liking highly potent continental beers, wheat beers, stout, ale, and back again. Currently supermarkets in the UK are increasing the stock of “proper” ales and beers (i.e. not lager) and I’m thoroughly enjoying this real ale Renaissance and the fact that every time I go to the supermarket there are new beers for me to try.

This is all very boring, so I’ll get on with the reason I’m writing this:

Piddle in the Hole

Yes, that’s right, a beer called “Piddle in the Hole”. Seriously. It tasted pretty bleeding good as well! So I drank it. On the topic of beer, I took this in the pub a few weeks back. I like the sentiment, no doubt it’s blasphemous but I’ll just have to try to care about that.

God loves us and wants us to be happy

The end

oranges and lemons

In what appears to be a recurring theme I’m talking about oranges but this time it’s a car not a fruit, because orange is a colour as well as a thing you eat, crikey this blog is educational as well as awesomely brilliant.


Here’s the surprise though – there are no lemons – I just said that to fool you! HA!

bye for now.

The end

get this

In Kenya, Oranges are not orange – they are green!

It really is a crazy world we live in.

They are orange inside though – it was a relief when I found that out.

The end