Three posts in a week I’ve done. I’m so excited I could even be a little bit sick. I’m turning into some sort of prolific writer, next thing I’ll be publishing books and be all famous and that.

So this morning at home I finally got around to scanning in the pictures I took with my Holga whilst I was on holiday, and when I went to the balloon fiesta as well. This all happened literally months ago, so it’s testament to my awesomess that I’ve only just done anything with them.

What better to do than stick a couple up here so you can see them with your eyes! LooK! Here they are! Yay!

Holga in Menorca

Holga in Menorca

Holga Red Arrows

What these seem to show is that in Menorca, the Holga vignettes way more than anywhere else in the world – weird. Also it shows that trying to capture action with a Holga is like trying to watch Susan Boyle singing without wanting to kill yourself – impossible.