In an event the likes of which has never before been seen on these pages (except here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here), I find myself having purchased another camera or camera related gadget. I am beyond help.

This one also uses film – but is a bit more pratical than the Holga, first because it uses the same lens as my Nikon D200 and second because it uses normal 35mm film.

Nikon F80

So naturally I also needed to purchase this to go with it:

Lucky Film

Which is cheapo special lucky chinese crap film which is black and white and improbably cheap, almost certainly because it’s rubbish.

The F80 seems a nice enough bit of kit anyway – even if it’s tiny compared to my other Nikon!

Nikon F80 and Nikon D200

So there you go, my nine hundred and seventy fifth camera – or at least so it seems…

In other news we’ve sold our house and haven’t bought a new one, so we are probably going to be homeless just before christmas. Anybody got a sofa we can sleep on? It’s only me, the wife, and several bags full of camera equipment. And a PC. Oh, and an Xbox. And a TV. And some other stuff.

You won’t even know we are there.