You know when you agree to something which seems like a good idea, then months later suddenly you’ve got to actually do it and you’ve done nothing at all to prepare?

A few months ago I was contacted by Alex Tsander who asked me if I would like to do a joint exhibition of my photography alongside him and another photographer.

The theme of the exhibition was that photography doesn’t need to be complicated or require expensive digital cameras and computers.

Anyway, fast forward a few months and the exhibition opened last night and is now on at Photographique a gallery on Baldwin Street in Bristol. The exhibition is called Photo Povera and runs until 19th of November.

I’m showing some of my Holga work, Alex is showing his work, and another photographer called Clare is showing work taken on cheap Chinese “Lucky Pan” film.

I took a quick snap after hanging my photos:


There are a few more than this – I’m quite pleased with how they came out when printed large.

I had some faint hope of selling a couple, which probably won’t happen – I did however end up buying one of Clare’s photos!