down to earth

With a bump. After two weeks of lovely amazing holiday in Kenya including a Safari, I’m back in the realm of Albion and feeling the after holiday come down in a big horrible way.

I took over 3,000 photos, of which I’ve no doubt about 2950 will go straight in the bin. Here’s a photo of the Alps from 33,000 feet to get things started; full post to follow.

The Alps, from 33,000 feet

Bye for now!

The end

vroom beep yay!

Let’s face it, this summer was crap, depsite the met office promising us what they called a “barbeque summer”. So I’ve decided to do my bit for global warming, and bought myself a car with a 4.6 litre V8 engine. It makes so many C02s that it’s actually closer to a plane than a car.

MG ZT 260

Obviously this is a joke – I don’t hate the environment and I don’t want to kill seals and dolphins (well, maybe seals – with their shifty eyes and sneaky ways, they can’t be trusted).

I do however only do about 3 miles a year in my car, so I’m actually polluting less than all you folks in your Toyota Pious and Honda Insights – and certainly less than the Rainbow Warrior chucking out carcinogens from it’s massive diesel engines. Oh, and I’ve got another car – not because I need one – but simply because I want one, and I can have one. It’s old, and gets really bad fuel economy too – but I only do about 1 mile a year in that one.

HA! In your face greenpeace, I’m more environmentally friendly than you are!

The end

vee ate

It’s all change here as far as cars go. ’tis only a moment ago the Fiesta was gone, and in it’s place…

V8 badge

Something bigger… And much, much badder. Or more bad if you prefer correct English.

The end