A couple of weeks ago my good friend Ross married his girlfriend Jess, I had the honour of providing best man duties both leading up to and on the day. Just setting the scene here…

Over here you’ll see a post I wrote a couple of years ago with photos of our wedding rings – and over here you’ll see a post I wrote complaining about how many people keep stealing that photograph. So that’s the scene set then – I took a photo and it gets nicked a lot. Quite simple really. Oh, and there is a wedding as well.

When we sat down for dinner, I was slightly surprised to see that the wedding favours, which were chocolate bars, had a familiar looking photo on them… To prove to myself I wasn’t losing my mind I even checked my website on my phone and confirmed it was indeed a familiar photograph.

Oh my lordy lord

I just assumed Ross had used the photo off my website, but apparently not – the company that makes these choccies has only bleeding well nicked the photo of me, and can be added to the long and growing list of perpetrators who have committed this terrible infraction.

Which begs the question, just what are the chances that my best mate would choose my photograph from a bunch of available options, for his wedding favours, for the wedding at which I was best man? I reckon eleventy bazillion to one.

Does it make me feel any better? Well it’s flattering he chose my photo but it’s pretty annoying that this company made all the money out of it and I didn’t get a penny.

The swines.

In an unrelated note, here’s a photo of the glass roof at John Cabot’s palace of gin and piss in Bristol (i.e. shopping center). I made this photo with a phone, amazing I know. Phones are dead clever these days.

John Cabot palace roof