Right, so it’s been a while since I spent money unnecessarily on something of an electronic gadget nature, and the call of spending became too strong for me to resist.

Despite already having a 20″ widescreen with a 15″ widescreen alongside it, I flogged the two old ones and got myself a pair of these bad boys:

Benq E2200 HD monitors

Which are BenQ E2200HD 22″ LCD sex bombs! They have something called “High Definition” which apparently is the future. Then again I remember them saying flying cars would be the future and I’m still driving around on rubber tyres so what do they know eh?

Anyway, I plugged them all in and they I’m happy, I have the warm afterglow of having something shiny and new in my life.

Benq E2200 HD monitors

That’s it, except I’ve got the Holga films back (finally) from our Cornwall trip so I’ve scanned those in and I’ll whack those up in a blog post soonest.

Yours sincerely.