As I said before, Last weekend I stumbled around the more picturesque areas of Cornwall along with my good lady wife and our excellent travel companions Phil and Laura.

They patiently waited whilst I periodically plucked not one, not two but three different cameras out of my bag and pointed them all around like a goon with the obvious expectation that if I just took enough photos at least one of them might actually turn out good. Six rolls whizzed through my Holga and the Leica got a bit of a pounding too.

As these are the easiest to process, first up come these pseudo polaroids taken with my iPhone. The full travel report will follow when I can be bothered to write it and sort all the other photos out.

Mmmmmm Ale.
Mmmmmmm. Ale.


The beach at St. Ives.
The beach at St. Ives


The harbour at St. Ives.
The harbour at St. Ives


On the road to Penzance.
On the road to Penzance


Double Yellows.
Double Yellows


The harbour at Penzance.
The harbour at Penzance


The roof at Penzance Station.
The roof at Penzance Station
So there you go then, loads of bad quality mobile phone pictures, can life really get any better than this? Seems to me it can’t, but I’ll have to wait till my Holga slides come back from processing, which wont happen until I’ve sold another kidney to afford how it will cost to develop all that film.