the bourne-mouth identity

In a short break from the relentless photos of beaches in Cornwall, I’ve got some photos of a beach in Bournemouth instead, how exciting!

I’ve complained in the past about the delay in getting photos from my Holga developed on these very pages, and this was no exception. I took these ages ago, and had forgotten that I took them, so when this roll showed up along with the six or seven others from Cornwall I did a little wee wee.

I just love Fuji Provia slide film, look at them colours, just look at them with your eyes.

Holga - Huts at Bournemouth
This couple were living the life, enjoying the sun in their Bournemouth sea front beach hut. It was hard not to be jealous, but since I’m a long way off retirement I’ll just have to settle for a handful of weeks off work each year.

Holga - Bournemouth beach
It was only April but the beach was packed, with everyone enjoying the good weather.

Holga - Bournemouth Pier
The Pier at Bournemouth. Not on fire.

Holga - Bournemouth Rowing Club

So that’s all for the Holga photos from Bournemouth. Now time for a moan. I got a new PC recently, with Vista x64 loaded on it. Since it’s been available for several years now, I stupidly assumed peripheral makers would have software that works. But oh no, of course they don’t so Epson can kiss my stinky bum because I now can’t use my scanner with my PC. As a result I had to hook it up to my laptop which was both annoying and also very very annoying.

I had to wait for my blood pressure to drop before scanning in the rest of my slides. Don’t panic though, I’ll be back with more photos of beaches in Cornwall before you can say “oh crap not again”.


The end

pano-ver here

Because I took a load of pictures, see, they are panoramics, see? And they are over here. See what I did there? DO YOU SEE? ANSWER ME!!!!!!

…Anyway, in the third of what will likely be four entries relating to our trip to Cornwall, I present to you, some photies. Of stuff in Cornwall, like beaches and that. Cornwall is great.

Since these are big fat panoramics you need to click on them with your little mouse pointer thingy and make them all re-bigulated. I made all these pictures with my Leica photo machine I did.

The Beach at St. Ives:
St Ives beach, panoramicClick it I tells you!

The view from Lands End – this right, is literally, right, the end, of the land. I know, right?!
Lands. End.Press it with your mouse!

Ooh look it’s Porthcurno beach, bleedin fabulous, why would you go abroad when you can holiday here? You should support your local UK economy, not go to foreign places, you disgust me. Did I mention I’m off to Spain in a couple of weeks?
Porthcurno Beach PanoramaTouch your pointer on it!

This do be Sennen Cove, one of the best beaches in the entire country, not according to me, but official important beach experts, so there.
The Beach at Sennen CoveYou know what to do.

Moving on from panoramic ones, here’s a photo of Penzance harbour taken when I was on the thick end of many pints of Doombar and Tinners. mmmmmm ale.
Penzance Harbour by Night

And finally, another of Porthcurno, I was really taken with this place I have to admit. Just bloody look at it!!!
Porthcurno Beach

So to summarise, if you think there is even a chance of having good weather, you should book a holiday in Cornwall because quite frankly it’s brilliant there.

That is all.

The end

polaroids from penzance

As I said before, Last weekend I stumbled around the more picturesque areas of Cornwall along with my good lady wife and our excellent travel companions Phil and Laura.

They patiently waited whilst I periodically plucked not one, not two but three different cameras out of my bag and pointed them all around like a goon with the obvious expectation that if I just took enough photos at least one of them might actually turn out good. Six rolls whizzed through my Holga and the Leica got a bit of a pounding too.

As these are the easiest to process, first up come these pseudo polaroids taken with my iPhone. The full travel report will follow when I can be bothered to write it and sort all the other photos out.

Mmmmmm Ale.
Mmmmmmm. Ale.


The beach at St. Ives.
The beach at St. Ives


The harbour at St. Ives.
The harbour at St. Ives


On the road to Penzance.
On the road to Penzance


Double Yellows.
Double Yellows


The harbour at Penzance.
The harbour at Penzance


The roof at Penzance Station.
The roof at Penzance Station
So there you go then, loads of bad quality mobile phone pictures, can life really get any better than this? Seems to me it can’t, but I’ll have to wait till my Holga slides come back from processing, which wont happen until I’ve sold another kidney to afford how it will cost to develop all that film.

The end


This weekend saw us take a short getaway to the far reaches of the south west of England in the form of a trip to Sennen.

The weather was quite simply amazing, so we were suitably blown away by the picturesque scenery and the spectacular beaches.

Here’s a quicky of Porthcurno beach, a full holiday report will follow as soon as I’ve gone through the several hundred photos I took.

Porthcurno beach, Cornwall

Over the course of a few days we took in Penzance, St. Ives, Senned, Porthcurno and the Minack Theatre, and a whole load of St Austell ales and delicious local seafood dishes.

I also got a funky new bag for carrying crap around in. Yay!

Pan Am bag


The end