Recently I’ve been hard at work at home doing gardening, hanging curtains and generally being a busy person. This has meant that I haven’t had a chance to take photographs of anything much at all.

I’m starting to get withdrawal symptoms so I’m hoping to get out this coming bank holiday weekend and get some photos taken!

In between pressure washing our decking (how common) and painting the fence I did manage a trip down to take a picture of the new tourist landmark in these parts. Weston-super-Mare has it’s very own “eye” to temporarily replace the pier which burned up last year, this is the – slightly less impressive than the local paper would have you believe – Weston Eye.

The Weston Eye

Just like London except not at all like London really. It’s like London would be if it was rubbish and crammed to bursting point with Brummie tourists and heroin addicts in rehab. The best bit is that we couldn’t go on it, because less than one week after opening it had already broken down. Brilliant, who needs that pier eh?

The one “pod” that is black is the V.I.P pod – I kid you not. They may be waiting a while before any V.I.Ps visit Weston…

In other unrelated news – I’ve been drinking far too much of this:

Pint of Ale

I’ve managed to make my car look like this, which is how it’s been for the last three weeks. Must try harder.

205 GTI Front

That’s all folks.

Oh, except this random one.

Blue Sky

Cheery bye!