So after much consideration I went and got myself an iPhone. Much as I’ve always wanted to hate them, now that I actually have one I realise it’s actually flipping great and by association therefor so am I. Even greater than I ever was. Oh yes.

iPhone Box

It’s missing TomTom which my last phone had, but I hear that is on the way. Other than that the whole phone experience is just leagues ahead of anything else I’ve had.

Best of all, I get to dust off my old DJ headphones and put them back to work on my head pushing music into my ears.

iPhone and Sony MDRv700 headphones.
iPhone with MDRV700 headphones.

Also someone showed me this funky Polarize application which makes pictures look like they were taken with a polaroid camera.

iPhone Polarized app

Enough of that, I’m off to tickle my iPhone some more. He loves it when I stroke his screen.