Season’s Greetings to you my loyal readers. Without you, I could never have achieved the landmark of ten hits on my website in 2008. I never thought it would be possible, I owe you both everything.

Wilf the dog asked me to photograph him in his new guise as a mysterious hypnotist. He’s touring the country doing live shows where he gets people to chase their tail and lick themselves (you know where, so don’t ask) and do other hilarious things which people shouldn’t do, it’s a post modern ironic look at hypnotism from the point of view of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. I said I thought it was typical elitist egotistical Wilf looking down on people and humiliating them for his own amusment, he said I should stick to cleaning up his poo and leave the critique to the experts.

He needed a photograph for the posters, and I was happy to oblige and shoved my new Leica right in his little ginger face.

Wilf the mystery dog

Coming soon to a local theater near you.