Two years ago I switched across to Sky Broadband, the main reason being it was free. This rather easily bettered the £19 I was paying with my existing provider, so I made the leap. I was disconnected by my existing provider a short while later. What followed was 87 days, 17 phone calls, 8 hours spent on the phone, 3 complaint letters and eventually legal threats before I finally got connected with Sky Broadband.

So you can imagine I had certain expectations when the man came to install my Sky+ HD box this weekend. I had previoulsy checked the connections on a friends HD box to ensure that the required connector was there for my TV. It was, so I placed the order. Of course when the installer arrives they’ve changed the box design, why wouldn’t they, the total ass hats. So I have to go out and buy adaptors and cables and so on, but not the end of the world.

Sky + HD (without the HD bit).

Except none of my HD channels are working and my Sky movies subscription is telling me I have the wrong viewing card….. Only two days, one phone call and 30 minutes on the phone so far. But it’s still not working. So basically I’ve “upgraded” from Sky+ to Sky+ HD( – HD) which is the same *%£!ing thing I started with!

At least it’s Christmas as well so I can expect to miss all the films that are on over the next few days. Rage.