wilf the mystery dog

Season’s Greetings to you my loyal readers. Without you, I could never have achieved the landmark of ten hits on my website in 2008. I never thought it would be possible, I owe you both everything.

Wilf the dog asked me to photograph him in his new guise as a mysterious hypnotist. He’s touring the country doing live shows where he gets people to chase their tail and lick themselves (you know where, so don’t ask) and do other hilarious things which people shouldn’t do, it’s a post modern ironic look at hypnotism from the point of view of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. I said I thought it was typical elitist egotistical Wilf looking down on people and humiliating them for his own amusment, he said I should stick to cleaning up his poo and leave the critique to the experts.

He needed a photograph for the posters, and I was happy to oblige and shoved my new Leica right in his little ginger face.

Wilf the mystery dog

Coming soon to a local theater near you.

The end

why sky?

Two years ago I switched across to Sky Broadband, the main reason being it was free. This rather easily bettered the £19 I was paying with my existing provider, so I made the leap. I was disconnected by my existing provider a short while later. What followed was 87 days, 17 phone calls, 8 hours spent on the phone, 3 complaint letters and eventually legal threats before I finally got connected with Sky Broadband.

So you can imagine I had certain expectations when the man came to install my Sky+ HD box this weekend. I had previoulsy checked the connections on a friends HD box to ensure that the required connector was there for my TV. It was, so I placed the order. Of course when the installer arrives they’ve changed the box design, why wouldn’t they, the total ass hats. So I have to go out and buy adaptors and cables and so on, but not the end of the world.

Sky + HD (without the HD bit).

Except none of my HD channels are working and my Sky movies subscription is telling me I have the wrong viewing card….. Only two days, one phone call and 30 minutes on the phone so far. But it’s still not working. So basically I’ve “upgraded” from Sky+ to Sky+ HD( – HD) which is the same *%£!ing thing I started with!

At least it’s Christmas as well so I can expect to miss all the films that are on over the next few days. Rage.

The end

through the leica ing glass

On my mission to write the definitive collection of the worst titles for blog postings in the history of the universe, I present to you my latest effort.

See what I did there was replace the word look with leica which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Until….


Leica badge

Oh yes, that’s all the way in your face. It’s my new Leica camera and although I’ve yet to use it in anger I can confirm it is the greatest thing in the history of things.

What happened is I married this amazing woman and then some time later she bought me this thing as a present and that’s pretty much it, except for all the stuff in between of course.

Anyway, back to the techno camera fetish stuff, drool slather etc.

Leica D-Lux 4 top view

Leica D-Lux 4

If you have to ask why this camera is good then you won’t like the answer, and you will also think I am a tool. Which I may be, but how dare you think that about me?

Good day.

The end

fiat 500

It’s been a while since I’ve taken any photos so it was a welcome diversion to get out this weekend and wave the camera around frenziedly smashing the buttons and hoping for the best.

Aside from being overwhelmingly cute and funky, these Fiats are also absurdly specified as standard with all kinds of bluetooth and mp3 whizbangery taking place.

On to the pictures, because frankly no-one cares what I say.

Fiat 500 rigshot

This rig shot is a mixed bag – I’m happy enough with the composition and processing, but I’m gutted I forgot to put the lights on which would have looked much better.

Fiat 500 interior

Fiat 500 carpark

Fiat 500 interior

Fiat 500 panning

Fiat 500 interior

Fiat 500 car park

The end