I’ve tried to love you Lomo Fisheye2 – I really have. I wanted us to get on so much that I gave you more chances than I ever would another camera. But I can’t go on like this. It’s over.

The first problem with the Lomo Fisheye2 is that it takes forever to fill a 36 exposure roll of film, so when you eventually get back your film it contains stuff from months ago. This is annoying, trust me. For instance, 5 months after the Weston-super-Mare Pier fire I’ve only just got my fisheye photos of the event back.

Oh, and they are rubbish.

And that’s not the biggest problem – I see some pretty exciting and interesting images taken with the fisheye2 when I look around the interweb, but I can’t seem to take any at all. I sit and scan in the negatives which takes absolutely ages then look at the results and wish I hadn’t bothered. There must be something wrong with you, you annoyingly cute looking quirky object of my ire.

I’ve tried crazy angles, close up, long range, and all I get is a picture that looks like a normal photo with a dark circle drawn over it. Take these for example – this one is from the center of the longleat maze, I thought it would turn out great but instead I hate it.

Longleat Maze,  fisheye2

I suppose if I had taken a normal photo at the same time I might see something special about the fisheye one, but I didn’t so I don’t and so now I officially hate you Lomo Fisheye2. And what I hate about you more than anything is that I bought 5 rolls of 36 exposure film that I don’t want to put inside you. I’ll sell you on ebay and I hope you get bought by some clumsy fool who drops you and smashes you all up.

Longleat Maze,  fisheye2

“Ooh look at me with my mad perspective and converging verticals, aren’t I kooky and unique?” No you are a gimmick and rubbish. And I hate you. In fact, that’s it, where is my hammer….

A more balanced man might consider his own shortcomings and perhaps give some thought to the possibility that it may infact not be the camera that is to blame – after all, other people seem to manage to take good photos with the Lomo Fisheye2…

Don’t be silly. It’s the camera that is to blame, how could it possibly be me. Goodbye Lomo Fisheye2. I wont miss you.

Longleat Maze,  fisheye2