So I’m going through the rubbish bins outside some bloke’s house in hollywood and I find a wad of paper, I’m not a stalker or anything you know, just happened to be going through some bins, nothing wrong with that.

Anyway, I found this script so I scanned it in cos I reckon it sounds dead exciting. I don’t get what all the crossing out stuff is about but anyway, here you go.

Opening up and we see a mysterious storyline as a man and woman investigate paranormal goings on together and there are all sorts of conspiracies as governments big businesses do lots of dodgy things.

How does JJ Abrams come up with these amazing ideas? Read the script, it will blow your tiny little mind.

Fringe Script

I think this show would be amazing and even better would be if you took the exact same music soundtrack from an episode of Lost and put it over the top of this for added mystery and menace, ooooh how amazing does that sound?

Haaaaaa this is of course a joke because I’m pretty sure JJ Abrams didn’t just steal an old X-Files script and change the names from Mulder and Scully to Peter and Anna. I just thought that I’d follow on from my review of the film crash (which is the best thing ever written by anyone ever) with another review of the new TV show The X-Files Fringe. The bit about the Lost music is clearly true though, and it has got Pacey from Dawson’s creek in it being all grown up.