A weekend jaunt to London town saw me carry all £3000 odd of my camera gear around for 2 days, yet the only time I used my Nikon D200 was when I was at the train station on the way home (more on that later). The rest of the time my £30 Holga was in use. I shot a total of 4 films, and I’m currently waiting with baited breath for the return post from Peak Imaging.

Following our horrorshow attempt to visit Venice earlier this year, I thought we’d seen the last of our travel woes. I was wrong.

Paddington station, 13:00 Sunday afternoon, our train is on the board showing “on time” to leave at 14:03. Then right before my eyes….

Approximately 20 trains all get cancelled at once, and some station announcer clown mumblingly slurs out an incomprehensible sequence of gibberish of which the only bit I could understand was “wait for furhter information”. What I want to know is, what is so special about Birmingham Snow Hill station? ANSWER ME!

I wont mention the mad as a box of frogs lady who cornered me and talked to me for 10 minutes about the voices in her head. Oh wait I just did.

Eventually a train to Taunton leaves, and we scurry down platform 3 only to find we are joined by three quarters of the entire number of passengers waiting to leave Paddington, so the train is packed to bursting point. Cue an hour spent crushed on the floor of the carriage entrance next to a toilet.

Did I mention Sunday was my birthday? Happy Birthday Ben!

London was great though, pictures to follow when I get my films back.