Dogs are great right, they are easily as great as pretty much anything you can think of. Here are some things dogs are better than:

1.) Cats
2.) People
3.) Pens
4.) Balloons
5.) Mittens
6.) Bricks
7.) Trees
8.) Cups

As you can see from that list, Dogs are pretty great and no mistake. So when my pal Ross asks me to take some piccies of some dogs I’m hardly going to say “no” am I? They are miniature schauzers no less!


I liked this one as I thought it looked like some sort of rockstar portrait. If you disagree with this, you can add yourself to the list above as number 9.) You.

And just because Dogs + Fisheye lenses = fun, here’s another for you.


I know I haven’t posted any car photos for ages, which will be rectified very shortly as I have two cars to shoot this weekend. vrooom beeep!