Frenziedly running around flailing my arms ineffectually is my defacto status,   and things were no different when the time came to start my first ever home brew kit.

A bit of background info;  I like the odd pint of contintental wheat beer which doesn’t come cheap.   Whilst visiting family I was offered a drink of homebrew wheat beer and obligated by conventions of politeness to agree,  I found myself with a pint of slightly cloudy looking beer in my hand.

I tentatively set out to drink it,  expecting to have to fake enjoyment,  whilst frantically thinking of an excuse not to have another pint after finishing the first.

Aroma – good.
Temperature – a bit warm but no big deal.
Taste – surprisingly nice.

A couple of pints later and I was sold – homebrew is the future!   Fast forward several weeks and I’m up to my elbows in barrels,  bottles and brewing sugar.    Specific gravity,  hygrometers,  wort and priming,   why do such things all have their own peculiar vernacular?

Anyway,  I bottled my first batch of wheat beer on 18th August 2008,  and tried my first bottle this weekend.

Ben's homebrew wheat beer

First impressions are that it’s perfectly palatable if a little heavy on the yeast flavour/aroma. I suspect leaving it longer in the bottle should improve that. Being a loser nerd I immediately set out to make some lables.

Ben's homebrew wheat beer

Officially named “Känguru Schweiß Weißbier” from the Dobbier brewery, it’s got me hooked and I’m already brewing my second batch, this time a Mexican Cerveza. Arriba!