Occasionally I like to furiously smash the keyboard on my computer in the pursuit of creating something moderately interesting. I feel a sense of achievement having made something which will be looked at by literally as many as several people.

I also like free things, and I constantly marvel at the stuff that people are willing to give away for nothing. For instance, whilst digging around for free gallery viewers to use in a web page, I went to have a look at what the latest version of SimpleViewer is looking like, only to find the author Airtight Interactive has moved the game forward with several new flash gallery packages.

One that caught my eye was the TiltViewer package because not only is it all whizzy and 3D and makes my eyes and brain feel all nice, it also has a very cool feature in that it can display images using a live feed direct from a flickr stream. So I thought I’d give it a test. For those without a pathological aversion to flash websites, you can click to view my tiltviewer flickr gallery. For anyone that doesn’t like flash, you’ll have to make do with this image showing you what you are missing.

Tilt Viewer

Hurts doesn’t it? I’ve only had a brief look at what else you can do – one thing is specify a tag from flickr so it only loads images with that tag – such as this Holga gallery or this Cars gallery

In other news, I had a comment and an email requesting a more detailed photo of how my suction cups attach to the metal poles for my car rig. Happy am I to oblige as I continue my one man crusade to lift the shroud of secrecy pulled over car rigs.

Car Rig Suction Cup

Car Rig Suction cup and pole

So there you have it – a hole into which you insert a pole. Then tighten a screw. This particular pole has a bevel cut out of it, but I’ve used some lengths of aluminium which don’t and it doesn’t need them, as long as the pole is 5/8th of an inch you will be ok. Also you should use solid aluminium not hollow, as it’s not strong enough and you’ll get loads of flex otherwise.