I know it will probably come as a massive shock, but I’ve done another rig shot. Shocking I know, but there you go, and here it is.

MINI rigshot

Firstly what I like. It’s sharp and the rig was rock solid throughout. I love the colours, the composition is good and the photoshop work to get rid of the rig only took about 15 minutes. As I’ve seen other people saying they spend between 1 and 5 hours on an image, I’m happy with my results for a 1/4 hour session.

Perhaps for the right image I would spend longer but in this case I couldn’t see the point.

Now the bad things. This was done in a car park which you can clearly tell by the white lines, so it’s not quite as good all round as the Fiesta one I took from a similar angle. Presumably I could get rid of the white lines by editing them out, heck, I might even give that a go at some time. Which goes some way to proving my earlier comment that I couldn’t see the point to be a big fat stinking lie.