I’ve been asked by a few people to show photos of my rig. I’ll start by saying a lot of photographers that work with rigs will not show photos of, or describe their rig. This is not something I really understand. My attitude is that your work should speak for itself without having to shroud your methods in secrecy.

Perhaps this is because my photos aren’t good enough to be in print and so it’s easy for me to be open about what equipment I use…

In any case after that it would be churlish of me not to post a photo of my rig.

Car camera rig

It’s really quite simple:

1.) Manfrotto suction cups
2.) Arri clamps
3.) 5/8th” Aluminium round bar.

Please note, I’m not saying my system is perfect or the best you could do – I know of people using single bars to get huge distances but as they wont share how they do it, I can’t say any more than that. All I can do is share what I use, and the results in my rigshots pages.

If you have a question, ask me!

In the spirit of sharing I’ll post a photo here that I don’t want to use as an example of my rig work. There are several serious problems with this photo which would mean I’d never normally post it except for one thing… The magic van.


I know the processing work on this is bad, and that it’s not sharp. But look at that van! The entire background is a blur, except for the silver van on the right. This is not faked or photo shopped.

I can only assume it was travelling at the exact same speed relative to the camera panning. I can’t see how I’d ever achieve this if I was trying to, this has to be a one in a million shot. Shame that can’t be said of the rest of the photo!