Two photos today, how exciting!

First, I promised the next rig shot I posted would not be of my car, and as a man who occasionally attempts to keep the odd promise, I present to you a Seat Leon!

Seat Leon,  Rigshot

This time round the image is slightly disappointing, because I didn’t consider carefully the interaction between the grey car, sky and road. My excuse I was rushing, but that’s a rubbish excuse.

Next up, I decided I’d get a canvas print done of my favourite photo – Yokohama by night – which I then had to frame myself. Of course the wife then points out the existing decor in the living room doesn’t suit this, so we re-decorate and get new sofas.

Living room

I’m very pleased with how the print came out and how the room looks, and more importantly, so is the wife!

Coming soon – BMW Z4 and Audi TT rig shots. Oooooooooh……