I’ll eventually run out of appalling puns where I try to replace any word with something involving “rig”, when this happens either;

– The world will end
– I’ll have to start taking photos of something else

I don’t like to overstate my powers but I fear it will be the first, so any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Moving swiftly on, any day that has a “y” in it’s name is a good day for taking photos, and as I’ve proved before I’m a one trick pony most of the time. My new trick is using my whizzy new rig to photograph cars travelling at break neck speeds.

Automotive Rig, Fiesta

By “break neck” I mean an insane 1mph which is the fastest I can push the car when I’m on my own. I know, pretty fast by anyone’s standards.

Automotive Rig, Fiesta

I will now promise that the next rig shot I post wont be of my car. By promise of course I mean that I’ll maybe post a different car, but probably not. I’ve been thinking about ways I can attach the rig to a dog, but apparently stuff like that is cruel, so I’ll attach it to a person instead.