I went out and had another go with my new rig last week, the intention is that I learn and make mistakes with my car, rather than when I’m doing a shoot with someone else’s car.

This time, I was much more careful with the rig placement – this meant that when processing the shot I didn’t have to do nearly as much post processing work as the first attempt.

Fiesta ST,  Rig


1.) The rig isn’t long enough. I’ve got some extension poles being delivered tomorrow which should take car of that problem, as long as they fit!
2.) The car isn’t lit as well as the first attempt, so it’s a much less dramatic photo.
3.) Huge problems with odd speckles and highlights all over the frame. Some research suggests this might be due to dust/dirt on the lens elements. A retry will confirm this.

So, progress of a sort, I’m almost ready to start sticking it onto other people’s automobiles and see what happens!

I’ve also got some Cokin ND filters on the way, which should help me with using the setup in daylight, proving that as with everything else photography related, the first purchase is really only the tip of the iceberg. And my iceberg is melting…