I mentioned in my last post that I had spent money on a new gadget, namely a rig. This is a moderately complicated contraption which is used for affixing a camera to a car. You then move the car about taking pictures and then do some jiggery pokery image editing and end up with a photo of a car looking like it’s zooming around at breakneck speeds.

With my stomach bulging with beer and pizza, I got Tuan to drive me to a car park in my car (Chauffeur service no less) after picking up our mate James we then proceeded to make the first attempt at using the rig.

Fiesta Rig Shot

A few problems were obvious when I came to post process this – not least the fact that my image editing skills are limited to cack handed selections and over the top adjustments.

The biggest issue was that the rig was almost completely obscuring the front light. The net result is that the front 1/4 of the car doesn’t look right at all – but I learned some valuable lessons. Aside from the dodgy front light area I really like this image, and will be back to recreate it very soon.

The following morning, I set out alone and had another try. Although this second image lacks the drama of the first, it was much easier to process and the whole result gels together a bit better, thanks to the lack of obvious low quality image editing!

Fiesta Rig Shot

All things considered, as my first and second ever attempts I’m fairly pleased with these. I’m already planning attempt number three!