Without looking for a car, thinking about a car or asking anyone about a car, I find that I have suddenly purchased a new car. Richard over at Performance Car Dreams took a car in part exchange for his Focus RS, and as soon as I saw it I had to have it.

So the Ignis has gone. It came in for a lot of stick because of the way it looked – I actually quite liked it, and I’m not one to be too bothered by what people think. Ultimately though, when you get a fair bit of abuse from your nearest and dearest for the car you drive it can’t help but get to you a bit.

As a result I’ve got mixed feelings about the Ignis going – it was quite simply great fun to drive – the rorty little 1.5 litre engine was plenty quick enough for me, and the handling was always entertaining (in a good way).

Where the Ignis lacked a bit was in the luxury department. With little or no sound deadening, it wasn’t the most refined of steeds, but it was no worse than my 205GTI is!

So what has replaced the Ignis? I wont share any full pictures until I’ve had a chance to do a proper shoot, but I do have this one here….