One of the problems with shooting film is the lag between taking the photos, getting them developed, and getting them back. This is made worse by the fact that no lab in my area can process E6 film, and I’ve got 40 rolls of E6 film to work through…

So my films now go off to Peak Imaging, where I pay through the nose and don’t have any choice in the matter. The cost is about 50% higher than my local lab once you factor in postage, but as I said my local lab doesn’t process E6 so it’s moot.

In this case, Volksfest took place about 4 weeks ago, and I’m only just getting these scanned in. I took advantage of the fact it was a sunny day and put through a couple of rolls of Velvia slide film. On the “cloudy” setting (good old holga) it was just about ok at the ISO50 rating of Velvia, so I’m happy enough that it can be used in bright sunshine.

beetle at volksfest

The problem with going to events like Volksfest is that you get sucked into the whole scene. I now desperately want a Beetle whilst my wife Abby is telling me we need a camper van.

camper at volksfest

Much as I’d love either I also like being able to afford to eat, and since my mechanical skills start and end with turning it off and on again or hitting it with a hammer, I think it’s best I stick with more modern metal!

I did fire off a fair few frames with my D200, but one car show is much like another and I didn’t really get any shots I liked. At least with the holga it brings something a bit interesting to the image.

In unrelated news, I’ve not only updated our business website over at DnL but just yesterday finished our latest client site, for Jennifer Sinclair, photographer. Who’s next?

The end

rig-gle dee dee

I mentioned in my last post that I had spent money on a new gadget, namely a rig. This is a moderately complicated contraption which is used for affixing a camera to a car. You then move the car about taking pictures and then do some jiggery pokery image editing and end up with a photo of a car looking like it’s zooming around at breakneck speeds.

With my stomach bulging with beer and pizza, I got Tuan to drive me to a car park in my car (Chauffeur service no less) after picking up our mate James we then proceeded to make the first attempt at using the rig.

Fiesta Rig Shot

A few problems were obvious when I came to post process this – not least the fact that my image editing skills are limited to cack handed selections and over the top adjustments.

The biggest issue was that the rig was almost completely obscuring the front light. The net result is that the front 1/4 of the car doesn’t look right at all – but I learned some valuable lessons. Aside from the dodgy front light area I really like this image, and will be back to recreate it very soon.

The following morning, I set out alone and had another try. Although this second image lacks the drama of the first, it was much easier to process and the whole result gels together a bit better, thanks to the lack of obvious low quality image editing!

Fiesta Rig Shot

All things considered, as my first and second ever attempts I’m fairly pleased with these. I’m already planning attempt number three!

The end

mmmmmm doughnuts

Another week, another wedding! It’s that time of year. This time a wedding with a difference, the cake was actually a big pile of doughnuts! That’s rigtht DOUGHNUTS!!! I know. Have you ever heard of anything better than that? I seriously doubt it, because I haven’t.

In the style of Homer Simpson, I was compelled to eat a few of these, Eight in fact. EIGHT. Eight delicious doughnuts. mmmmmmmmmmmm drooolgurgle…

Amy and Barry's Doughnut cake

Amy and Barry's Doughnut cake

In other news, I took a day off work which in the past has resulted in spending lots of money. This time was no different as I purchased a camera rig – which you attach to cars and take photos. It’s much much less boring than it sounds – more on this subject later, count on it!

The end

goodbye ignis

Without looking for a car, thinking about a car or asking anyone about a car, I find that I have suddenly purchased a new car. Richard over at Performance Car Dreams took a car in part exchange for his Focus RS, and as soon as I saw it I had to have it.

So the Ignis has gone. It came in for a lot of stick because of the way it looked – I actually quite liked it, and I’m not one to be too bothered by what people think. Ultimately though, when you get a fair bit of abuse from your nearest and dearest for the car you drive it can’t help but get to you a bit.

As a result I’ve got mixed feelings about the Ignis going – it was quite simply great fun to drive – the rorty little 1.5 litre engine was plenty quick enough for me, and the handling was always entertaining (in a good way).

Where the Ignis lacked a bit was in the luxury department. With little or no sound deadening, it wasn’t the most refined of steeds, but it was no worse than my 205GTI is!

So what has replaced the Ignis? I wont share any full pictures until I’ve had a chance to do a proper shoot, but I do have this one here….



The end

wedding bells

I went to a wedding this weekend and managed to take about 300 photos before getting too inebriated to safely handle my camera any more. I wasn’t being paid to photograph – I was just a guest but I never miss a chance to wave my camera in people’s faces.

Wedding photography scares the poop out of me – I can’t see why anyone would want to do it. I’m sure it pays quite well but I get the fear just watching someone else do it.


The happy couple arrived at the reception in a gorgeous 1920s Rolls Royce – which looked fantastic with the driver in period chauffeur clothing. Unfortunately the TomTom satnav on the windscreen spoiled the overall effect!

The end