I wrote a week or so ago about my slightly inebriated photo shoot of a Ford Focus RS. This (like the Audi A3 and VX220 before it) was carried out for Richard at Performance Car Dreams a sports car sales and sourcing company. As well as sourcing and selling very nice cars, Richard is also a nice guy. So no reason not to use his services. My only issue is that if I buy the Focus RS he’s currently selling, I’ll end up single and homeless. I would have a nice car though….

So I shambled around a field with my Vivitar 285HVs and my new radio triggers to see if I could get any interesting photos. I ended up bright yellow from the pollen of all the lovely yellow buttercups, and had to run squealing from several wasps but apart from that it was relatively uneventful.

This here photomographic image was taken using the two Vivitar 285s to the left and right of the frame, triggered by radio.

Ford Focus RS

As Richard needed some shots to help the car look as good as possible for the sales advert, I took a few interior ones and detail photos as well, which are alright I s’pose.

Focus RS seats

Focus RS gearstick

Focus RS brake caliper

Starting to get a few more cars lined up for shoots, which is nice. Nothing more to say at this stage!